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Pomegranate Palooza! Lotsa Juice!

Boxing Day is the day after Christmas.  I am not sure where in the world it is observed outside Canada and Great Britain.  It is the biggest shopping day of the year.  It is the Canadian equivalent of Black Friday.

I spent my day juicing pomegranates.  It was a quiet day in my kitchen with 32 pomegranates.  I was prepared for the splatters of red.

Thanks to Deana at lostpastremembered I used a citrus juicer to extract the rich sweet and delicious juice.

It took about an hour and I had 15 cups of fresh pomegranate juice.  I have been letting it settle in the refrigerator.  Some solids settle to the bottom leaving a clear juice on top.  My imagination is running wild right now.  What will I do with all this gorgeous ruby liquid.

I will make jelly with the clear juice.  I will freeze some of the juice to make granita in a few weeks.  And I will luxuriate with fresh juice for breakfast for a few days.


  1. There was an excellent sale on pomegranates at the Wholesale store. I bought a few too. I love putting them in salads ~ but oh they are messy! I usually end up with more on me than in the salad!!

    Enjoy your juice Sarah!
    xo Catherine

  2. A friend of mine makes the juice using one of those awesome one-handled Mexican orange juice pressers. She makes sure to cover the juicer each time in a cloth, but the juicer makes juicing of pomegranates practically painless, though never stainless. ;-)

  3. You are so lucky to have so many pomegranates! I've never had enough to juice, but everyone here loves the crunchy arils. I'd love to procure enough to make jelly- yours looks so pretty!

  4. I like the orange presser idea too Sarah. The reamer was all I had on hand and worked well... even if it was very messy!! Don't you love all that juice.
    Try that creamy gin drink with the grenadine... it's like a boozy dessert!

  5. My Iranian neighbors roll them around a flat surface while having conversation. Eventually, they will peel a hole in the fruit skin side and very politely suck the juices. It works!


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