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How to Make Grenadine

I have 15 cups of freshly squeezed pomegranate juice.  See how I did it here.  My first project was pomegranate jelly.  For that I used the clearest juice.  I am reserving the juice that is less clear for granita in a couple of weeks.  The juice will be frozen until I need it.  Today I decided to make grenadine.  Grenadine is pomegranate syrup.  It is a common ingredient in fruity cocktails and often used in barbecue sauces used with pork or chicken.  It can be used with other sauces for pork or chicken.  It would also be nice with pears and apples.

I don't use it very often and have never tasted a homemade grenadine.  This only took 15 minutes to make and I will store it in my refrigerator or freezer until I use it.

You will read in the recipe to reduce the pomegranate juice until half the volume.  This has always been a challenge for me to decide when it has reduced the proper amount.  Today I had a brainwave and measured the depth with a toothpick.  I marked the halfway point and used it to judge my reduction.  It is a very deep ruby red and not as pure red as store bought grenadine but the flavour is amazing.

How to Make Grenadine

1. Bring 2 cups of pomegranate juice to a boil.

2. Lower heat and simmer until it reduces in half. You can let it reduce more that half if you want it to be a bit thicker.

3. Add 1 cup of sugar and let it dissolve and bring back to a boil.

4. Chill.


  1. I become so impatient when reducing liquids! Your grenadine is so pretty, and I'm sure it's delectable.

  2. I bet the flavour was amazing...homemade is always better! Wish I could taste this...I often use grenadine when I am trying to make a fancy drink for the kids...usually some soda water and grenadine! lol! Angie xo

  3. How fantastic to have so much freshly squeezed pomegranate juice! Sounds like it all went to great use. The homemade grenadine must be delicious.

  4. I had no idea that Grenadine was made from pomegranates. Hmm....I love it...and it is great to coat the throat when you have laryngitis!

  5. My gosh - you are both talented and ambitious Sarah!
    Hope you are at home safe and sound tonight. It is not nice out there! :(
    xo Catherine

  6. I've never squeezed them, thanks! It looks amazing!
    Best Wishes for the New Year!

  7. Thanks for all the pomegranate ideas! This year's harvest has been sweetening up in the wine fridge and it's time to do something serious with them. You've inspired me once again! Happy New Year Sarah - hope it brings you good health, happiness ...and great kitchen karma.


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