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Last Day of School

I went to Fairview School today to make pizza with the kids.  Forgot my camera!  Silly!  This is my only picture.  Does this pizza stone not tell you we had a good time!

There were about 8 of us in the staff room.  They were mostly Grade 8's I think.  At any rate, they were very sweet.  I made Mario Batali's pizza dough recipe.  It is so nice and soft and easy to work with.  The toppings were pretty simple, but I could have only brought meat and cheese!  They are typical teenagers!

One fellow decided to make a calzone.  It formed this great bubble in the oven!  Then we had a difficult time taking it off the pizza stone.  It fell back.  But in the end, we retrieved it.  Save a bit of charred crust, it was still very tasty.

Last day of school!  Have a great summer!


  1. That looks like a well used and loved pizza stone!

  2. I remember making coffee cake in 7th grade cooking. You are the kind of teacher the kids will remember years from now!

  3. I really need to get a pizza stone.... use tiles and they just aren't as cool as this. Looks like you had the kids eating out of the palm of your hand!

  4. Lucky kids to be treated to a pizza party!!

    I miss not having summer holidays like I did when I was in school. :(

    Drive safe on your trip Sarah!
    xo Catherine


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