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Do You Believe in the Theory of Threes?

I think that everyone who reads this post should comment.  Do you believe all bad things come in threes?  I am praying not.  Beyond my computer crashing and now my uber electronic oven crashing, I can't think what might be next.  My car?

I am sure the oven will be on warranty.  Remember this lovely oven?

The bad news is that I will have no bread for the Farmer's Market tomorrow.  I had planned to double my production to 24 loaves.  That plan is on hold.  I can take orders but without knowing when my oven will be operational, it will be difficult to guarantee a delivery date.

Anderson's came over today and it is working but they are wonderful in knowing that there is something inherently wrong here.  They will be doing some more research to be sure it is all in tip top shape.

I will have a larger selection of dips and salsas at the Market tomorrow.  I love trying new things and this way I can sell them rather than eating them all myself!  Win - Win.

I have a Rhubarb Salsa and a more exotic Mango Pineapple Salsa.  I will wait for fresh local tomatoes before I make a tomato salsa.

My dips include the so popular Muhamarra (roasted red pepper), Hummus with Roasted Garlic, Caesar, Chipotle Lime Sour Cream, Balsamic Carmelized Onion (sour cream base), Tzatziki and a White Bean dip.  The weather is beautiful and I am hoping you will all be stocking up for some patio meals.  The dips are great with veggies or taco chips but can also be adapted to be served with burgers and salads.

And I have some Spanakopita triangles made with local spinach.

Hope to see you!


  1. Your oven crashed? Is that even possible?! We live in an age of technological miracles…

  2. Sadly, things do seem to occur in threes...
    I am so sorry that you won't be able to complete the breads. That is a is the computer and oven. Hopefully, there is no third item!

  3. For your sake, I certainly hope that your troubles come in twos! That's too bad about your computer and especially your beautiful new oven! (I bet the oven counts for two.) I hope it gets fixed soon! :) Even without your bread, your other market offerings sound delicious!

  4. At least the oven told you it was unwell. I hope it is all sorted out soon.

  5. Yes... I had that happen last year.. after warrantee was over. The module that runs the operation... about the size of an ipad was removed and replaced... on a 3 year old stove. I had a Chambers in the country that was 60 years old. Aside from cleaning out the gas pipe... trouble free. I just got a new air conditioner (to replace a 3 year old one) and was told they only last 2 years now!!!! What is going on.

    Sorry about the bread... that it happened so quickly to the stove is worrisome! And that is a high quality stove, not a stove's r us knock off!

  6. I'm crossing my fingers that a 3rd thing does not happen to you!!

    I have missed the farmer's market 2 weekends in a row now. I have to get there next Saturday!!!

    Good luck with your oven!
    xo Catherine

  7. I'd say you're about due for 3 good things!!!!


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