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Go Confidently

This was a gift from a friend when I decided to give up my life in Calgary and move on.  She knew me well.  I have now placed this on my patio.  In fact, this inspired me to 'decorate' my patio this evening.  After an exhausting day at the Farmer's Market, I needed a little down time.  I love sitting out at night.

Candles and lights set the mood.  I had a collection of telephone insulators.  How do I explain what these are!  They were used on telephone line poles when lines were above ground.  They come in colours of whites, greens and blues.  I set out my collection and put blue lights among them.

Thank you to everyone who visited me at the Market today.  I loved visiting and soaking up all your ideas.  I can see a lot of nice friendships and cooking happening soon.

Now I just need to have a working oven!


  1. That is a great sentiment Sarah... one we should all take to heart.

  2. Hey, you made my day when you said people like the muhammara; are you using a lot of walnuts in yours? In any case, I love this saying and I wish I had followed it decades ago!

  3. Very pretty! You've inspired me to decorate my deck - its very boring and uninspired right now :) Hope your oven gets fixed SOON!!

  4. Great sentiment. Relaxing on the patio after a hard day....great idea.

  5. A working oven would be excellent. I love the insulators. I never started a collection but would have loved to. Years ago we could get them for as dime at the flea market. I love how you've used them as a focul point.

  6. Confidence is so important. It's the one thing I hope I instilled in my kids. Encouragement and love are the basis for it.
    Love what you did with your lights, so original!

  7. Thanks for sharing this - it's inspirational


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