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Whatever might still be wrong with my oven, at least I can use it!  I made these lovely loaves today.  I made 5 thinking that there would be one leftover for me.  Wrong!  A Saturday customer asked if I could make one for her, too!  Of course!  These are now cooling and I can deliver tonight.

FYI.  I will be taking orders for Tuesday delivery on bread.  I will have bread at the Market on Saturday and also take orders for delivery on Tuesday.  Just pay in advance, leave me your contact info and address where I can deliver on Tuesday.


  1. Beautiful bread, sarah! I hope your oven behaves!!!

  2. Beautiful bread! I'm glad your oven is up and running again.

  3. That's some gorgeous bread!

  4. Beautiful! I wish I could buy a loaf (or 10!) myself :)

  5. Exquisito pan una verdadera delicia,se ve muy tentador,el horno realmente estaba excelente quedó estupendo el pan,cariños y abrazos.

  6. That's a terrific idea Sarah!!
    xo Catherine


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