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Duck Rillettes

This refined French appetizer is traditionally made by pounding confit of pork, goose, or (in this case) duck into a silky paste. Now a mortar and pestle is replaced by a food processor and elbow grease by a light touch — rillettes are best if it can be easily spread but not quite smooth

Duck Rillettes

confit made with 4 duck legs with thighs and 4 wings
1/4 c duck fat plus more for capping
freshly ground black pepper

Shred the duck meat, discarding the skin and bones. Place the shredded meat in a food processor and add 1 tablespoon of duck fat. Pulse the machine and add enough of the remaining fat so the rillettes hold together. Season the rillettes with plenty of pepper and serve with toasted country bread. Alternatively, spoon the rillettes into ramekins, top with a layer of duck fat, and store in the refrigerator. They will keep for several weeks.

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  1. OMG!! We love Duck Rillettes! I have 2 legs of duck confit left. I am making it!! Thanks


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