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Drive in the Country #5

I went back to my home town and the farm again this weekend.  One of  my nephews was married and it was a family time.  This is the bride with my niece.

I took more pictures of the farm than anything.  This is the home site.  Not much is left now.  Parts of the foundation of the house.

Overgrown trees and grasses.

I drove out to the fields and where we used to have wheat, there is now canola.  It is harvest time and the grain has been swathed.  It looked like a nice heavy crop.

I drove down to the creek on our neighbour's land.  Usually at this time of year we can drive through but the water level is quite high still.

There were so many birds singing and the ducks were enjoying the day.

It was rather gray and cloudy but they didn't seem to notice.

This is my entry for Fresh Friday.


  1. A wedding is a very happy occasion for a visit home! It's sad that the house is gone, though. I guess that's what happens with the passage of time.

  2. I am loving these trips to the country. No doubt it is enjoyable to enjoy a family wedding on the old family farm. Love it when you take us on these photo journeys.

  3. Thanks for sharing this lovely moving post with us!

  4. What beautiful serene land... love it!!! Hope you had a great time at home.

  5. Lovely landscape- you grew up in a beautiful place!

  6. Valli> yes it is.

    Marjie> time marches on. It was my grandfather's house and very old and just a simple wooden house.

    Velva> so nice you enjoy this. Thanks.

    Sophie> my pleasure

    Deana> it takes time to 'come down' from the city life and appreciate the pace. After a year away from the city, I'm getting there.

    henfruit> I agree. I didn't know it until now.

  7. These photos look familiar. I grew up in Illinois where the fields stretch on forever.

  8. This is such a beautiful, peaceful, serene photo trip! It is very much like my home (next to Lisa above) in Iowa where I grew up. There is something so beautiful about the rolling fields of grains! I think you should come on over tonight and post it on my Fresh Fridays link-up, cuz it is a breath of "fresh air, just going outside in this kind of countryside". Just loved it. Makes me homesick for the prairies. Roz

  9. Great blog! I’m visiting from Fresh Friday. I hope you’ll stop by soon. Have a great weekend!

  10. What a lovely post. I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit home, even if the things you remember are no longer there. You can picture them and recall with pleasure.
    The bride is a lovely girl. I wish them happy!

  11. the photos made me feel nostalgic; there is a bit of melancholy in them.
    As for the bride, she is so pretty and looks full of zest.


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