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Plantain Chips and Winner of the Giveaway

Slowly I am back in my kitchen.  I am cleaning, cleaning windows, unpacking boxes and stocking the pantry.  I bought a plantain last week.  The amazing thing is that I could never find a ripe plantain in Calgary and the green ones would never soften.  I have always wanted to make plantain chips.  So this is my first cooking and blogging in my new kitchen.  Dusting with hot paprika is optional but I like the sweet and hot flavours.

Oh, and I almost forgot!  The winner of the CSN $50 giveaway is....Marjie at Modern Day Ozzie and Harriet.  Congratulations, Marjie!  Thank you everyone for stopping by and posting.

Plantain Chips

1 plantain
fleur de sel
hot paprika
grapeseed oil

Peal the plantain.  Slice very thinly, on the diagonal, until the entire plantain is in thin slices.  Try to keep the thickness the same on all the pieces.  Use a small, deep saucepan and fill to about 1 inch with grapeseed oil.  Heat to 375F.  In small batches deep fry the slices until browned.  Remove with a slotted spoon and drain on absorbent paper.  Sprinkle with fleur de sel and, if you wish, with hot paprika.


A Giveaway!

No, it is not a free trip to Paris but I have been fortunate to have been offered a giveaway by CSN Stores.  I think they are on a real promotional program right now!  $50 gift certificate for anything you want to buy.  They have a catalog of everything you could possibly want.      Google CSN and you will find it right away.  Check out the swingsets!

I will announce a winner at the end of the month.  Just leave a message and to put your name in again, become a follower and leave a message that you have become a follower.  Please note that CSN only ships within the United States and Canada.

Because I cannot cook until my kitchen is finished, I thought I would share some pictures from my trip to Paris.  The L'Opera  Garnier was beyond words in the North American way.  I was so happy to attend a dance performance here.

The building is absolutely exquisite.

Can you not imagine champagne at  L'Opera Garnier?


Peek Preview of my New Kitchen

It has been so long since I have posted.  And it has been even longer since I have had a refrigerator!  My renovation is coming to an end and I am slowly moving back into the main floor from my basement.

I am having the tile backsplash and tub surround done right now.  Then just a couple of details and it is ...ta da... DONE!

Is this not a gorgeous stove!  I can hardly wait to start using it.  It is a professional model Kitchenaid with steam assist.  Kitchenaid had a sale on last July that gave me 10% off on two or more appliances, so I bought everything from them.

I can hardly wait to have a dishwasher again!

My refrigerator is just a refrigerator but I really like the look of it.  Right beside the refrigerator is where my stand mixer will be located.

The cabinet installer thought I was making a mistake choosing a flat panel cabinet.  He had actually never installed them before but he did a masterful job.

The guys who come and do the work love everything from the colours to the pot lights to the flat panel cabinets.  They can now see the way it all works together.

 This is the main light in the kitchen and then I have pot lights and will have under cabinet lighting.  The matching lights are in my foyer, hallway and bathroom.

Thanks for visiting!  I will have a better showing when I am fully moved in and decorated.

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!