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A Drive in the Country #4

I have decided to keep the same title for all these forays into the country.  Sometimes they are about the 'tour' and sometimes they are about an event.  Today is about an event.

Shaunavon is a small southwestern Saskatchewan town.  Its biggest claim to fame is that it is the home of Hayley Wickenheiser, the Olympic gold women's hockey player.  That is pretty big fame in anyone's books, I would say.

They also have begun an annual sheepdog trial event.  I love to watch sheep dogs.  I love to watch their spark and excitement about doing their job.  These border collies are amazing.  There had to be 40-50 of these beautiful dogs at the event.  And did they ever bark?  I don't think I have ever been anywhere with more than one dog when I didn't hear barking.

They thrive on their handler's love and mastery of the art.  I said to a co-worker today that I thought some of these dogs thought they were smarter than their masters.  He said, "Some?"  They are such intelligent animals.  Given the right conditions with proper training and affection, I believe they are next to human.  No, I would say that they have a better sense of the job than any human does.

So.... back to the story.  I went with a friend and her two grandchildren.  We had a great day.  It was so hot.  We got to cuddle babies who were still nursing.  And pet babies who were a bit bigger.  Learned a whole lot about herding dogs.

My only regret is in not taking more pictures of the wonderful countryside of fields, pastures, shelterbelts and sage.  Such a variety in a small area.

The local SPCA also had a couple of reptiles that Morgan had to cuddle.


  1. Beautiful. I crave days in the country. I do admit it is hard to believe that it was very hot...I will gladly trade places with you here in Florida.

    The photos were really nice and the border collies very cool herding dogs.

  2. Velva> yes, hot is as hot is! We have had a ton of rain and our usual desert conditions are not with us this year. We also have humidity. The sun is scorching. We have no smog, clouds or anything to mitigate the sun's rays.

  3. I enjoy watching the herding dogs. They are so very smart!

  4. Well, I'm glad Morgan wanted to play with the reptiles. I'll stick with dogs, thank you. I don't think working dogs do bark. It's very peculiar.

  5. A beautiful day in the lovely countryside!! I love Border Collies. these dogs are amazing at what they can do!

    Thanks for sharing this lovely post & lovely pictures too!

  6. I just wanted to say that is the biggest bullfrog I've ever seen! Gives me the willies actually. I'd take a snake any day over a frog.

    Nice photos. I just love the prairies!!

  7. Okay Sarah strike/edit my last comment! I thought it was a bullfrog but alas it is a lizard of sorts. I'd still pick the snake any day, especially a prairie garter snake.


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