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Butterfly in My Garden and Another Summer Project Completed

This is my first pretty butterfly this season.  See all those ants in the blossom, too!  For some reason all the insects like the false spirea...

...even the ladybugs

My cilantro has gone to seed and now it is coriander.  I decided to cut it down and spread the coriander seeds to dry in the sun.  Finally my chamomile and rosemary are taking hold.  Without the shade of the huge cilantro it should do much better now!

But this is my big project yesterday.  I had removed the ugly, rotten indoor/outdoor carpet from my patio.  I was left with a lot of adhesive.  And it is not easy to remove.

Coincidence ... I don't know ... but a company right here in Swift Current manufactures snap-together patio tiles that can be used to cover this situation.

It took me 6 hours on Saturday to finish the job and what an improvement.


  1. Love those insect closeups, Sarah! It is a good sign in a garden, means you are doing the right thing. Great to use local suppliers for something like a floor tile, you get a lot of green points for freight from China.

  2. Lovely! Looks as though you are ready for dinner on the patio!

  3. The patio tiles are nice! It's a perfect solution to adhesive residue. Your house is coming right along.

  4. Beautiful! The patio turned out great, what an improvement, I really like the finished job :) The photos are wonderful. I'm jealous of your camera!

  5. Valli> yes I am!

    Deana> and it is made from recycled plastic! Double do-good.

    Kate> ready I am!

    Marjie> what else could I do with that. Even after scraping inch by inch, it would be ugly.

    Andrea> I love it. I used it all the time now.


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