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My Biggest Summer Project Completed

I have nothing but projects with my 'new to me' house.  Truth be told, it is a true fixer upper.  I posted yesterday about my patio project.  Well that pales in comparison to this.  I painted the entire exterior of my house!

My cooking has truly taken a second seat to all the work I am doing with my house.

I have removed ugly trees.  Removed a couple of yards of ugly red shale.  Hauled in top soil.  Added a flower bed or two.  Ripped off the indoor/outdoor carpet on the front step.  And have had new windows installed.  I am not finished yet...but I'm gettin' there!  Next year the vegetation will be able to have a chance and start to hide my foundation!  I have to do something about the adhesive on the front step.  I am just not ready to remove it 'inch by inch' quite yet.  I might wait until the dead of winter so I can just chip it away while it is as frozen as dry ice.

And I think new asphalt shingles will be a huge improvement.  I am just waiting for a big hail storm and can make an insurance claim!  It isn't such a stretch in this part of the country.  And the house numbers will be replaced with something more modern and with solar lighting.

This is the 'before' picture.  You can't see through the screen door, but there are only 2 diamond shaped windows in the front door.  I thought 3 would have better balance.


  1. Well done! The 3 diamond front door looks really good, as does the whole front of your home. I hope you have celebrated with a plate of scrummy food and a glass or two of something very pleasant.

    Michelle and Zebbycat down in New Zealand send congratulatory huggles and purrrrrumbles

  2. That is a lot of work! It turned out great! I bet you are excited. There is such a sense of accomplishment when huge projects come together! Congrats.

  3. It's amazing what some paint and time will do for you! It's coming along nicely!

  4. Even simple things like lanscape can make your new home yours.

  5. Its looking fantastic Sarah! The removal of the junipers was a great idea indeed. Your house is so tidy and neat, great job! Your hard work is paying off :)

  6. Wow!!! You are working hard and it shows! The after picture looks great already and you're still not done?!

  7. Wow- you've been busy! I love the changes you've made!

  8. Wow! What a big job! Congratulations! The house looks much improved and I do like the third window in the door much better than just two. I didn't know about the deck tiles. Looks great.

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