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Cottage Cheese Perogies

My batch of perogy dough makes millions of the tasty little dumplings.  I have made potato with asiago cheese, potato with sauteed onions, potato with morel mushrooms, potato with truffle sauce, saskatoon berry, and carrot puree with Egyptian spices.

And I still have dough!  I have never had cottage cheese perogies and I hear people rave about them.  I have egg yolks in the fridge so this is perfect.

Serve, as usual, boiled and with onions sauteed in butter and with sour cream.  You could also fry them after boiling.

Cottage Cheese Perogies

2 cups dry curd cottage cheese
3 egg yolks
salt and pepper to taste

Mix in a food processor and fill perogy skins as prepared in my previous post.


  1. Oh yum these sound good! I'm going to have to make some perogi dough soon I think :) I bet they'd be awesome with your onion marmalade, too!

  2. OK that does it. You're killing me with the chickens. I'm packing up. Can I bring the big guy & Max?

  3. Another great adaptation of the humble perogie!

  4. Andrea> didn't even think of using the onion marmalade with them. Thx for the idea.

    June> any time!

    Kadia> thx

    Marjie> cottage cheese perogy is popular in this region for some reason.

  5. You're getting me in the mood to make pierogies!

  6. When I lived in Calgary in the 80's there was a lady who called herself the Perogy Lady who would deliver them to your home made to order. That is where I first tried the cottage cheese variety:D

  7. Yours are shaped so well and look so brown. Yum. The Egyptian carrot filling was very creative.


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