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Carlyle Bakery Cinnamon Buns & Bread Pudding

As much as this blog is an opportunity to connect with fellow food lovers, it is my time to document the things I have grown to love.  Sometimes it is about food, and sometimes not.

I recently took a walk down memory lane in my home town in rural Saskatchewan.  If there is one thing that my hometown is known for, it is the cinnamon buns from the local bakery.  This has been a tradition since I was a child.

Far and wide, people clamour over the home-style buns.  I bought 6 dozen fresh from the oven.  Heaven knows what I will do with that many, but I have already gifted two packages to my wonderful neighbours.  I will take another package to the office and the other two, yes, two ( I have broken into one for my breakfast and, well, I may as well finish it!) will just be saved in the freezer.

It is a secret recipe, much like the spices of Colonel Sander's famous fried chicken.  However, no one even wants to attempt them at home because we are quite certain they will not match the sticky softness of the cinnamony buns we pick up at the bakery.

Bread Pudding

6 cinnamon buns, cubed
2 eggs
1 cup whipping cream
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup sugar
1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla

Preheat oven to 350F.  Butter a 10" souffle dish.  Place the cubed cinnamon buns in the souffle dish.  Combine the eggs, milk, cream, sugar and vanilla.  Pour over the cubed bread in the pan.  Let sit for 30 minutes.  Bake at 350F for about 30 minutes or until a skewer inserted comes out clean.


  1. Bread pudding with cinnamon buns? Yum! These look fabulous- I can see why you bought six dozen. I agree that there are some things that you just shouldn't try to duplicate at home!

  2. Oh what a delight! Bread pudding is a favorite and using cinnamon rolls instead of great is that!!

  3. henfruit> isn't that the best idea you have seen in ages! I came across it somewhere on the web and was doing some recipe development for a U-Pick farm so made this recipe. I also added blue honeysuckle (aka haskap) berries. Too bad I didn't take any pictures. It was divine and they loved it, too.

    Kate> yes, it is great!

  4. Here in my little corner of the world, all those cinnamon buns you picked up would last about 6 minutes. I'd have to be first in line to get one.

  5. they look so soft! I love the idea of making bread pudding with cinnamon rolls! How yummy!

  6. Those cinnamon rolls look divine. I can see why these would be a childhood favorite. Oh how I wish I could be your neighbor. I would gladly make a good pot of coffee to enjoy with you.

  7. I would drive 100's of km for a good cinnamon bun.

  8. Marjie> well, they would all be happy!

    Memoria> I don't know why I haven't done it sooner.

    Velva> I wish you were my neighbour, too! The people around me get really bored with all my 'food' talk! It is something different every week.

    Valli> I had forgotten how good these buns were.

  9. YUM... this is comfort food at it's best.

  10. Quelle chance d'avoir ces petits pains pour le petit déjeuner.
    ils sont délicieux.
    Bonne semaine et à bientôt.


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