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Picking up my organic flour from Schmidt Mills

Maple Creek is only an hour away and the Schmidt Farm is another 30 minutes. They specialize in organic flours and grains. These farms are quite a drive from town and after having lived in a big city for so long I can't imagine living in such an isolated way.

This has been an organic farm for quite some time. They sell their products to One Degree Organics. You can see their story here.

Product ready for delivery. These are the one ton sacks of flour or grain.
This is my second visit to the mill and I am learning more each time. Perry tells me that even though organic flours are becoming more popular there are fewer mills for cleaning organic grains.

In addition to growing and milling, they have a fabrication facility and manufactures milling equipment. It is always a pleasant day when I pick up my flour.


  1. Wow!! Do you buy the flour by the ton?!!

    1. No, it only feels like it, Debbie! I buy 20 kg sacks. They ship all across the country and these are for their bigger clients.

  2. I love seeing inside places like this!

  3. How good of you to promote this company that is doing such a good job of helping people live healthier.

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