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A Visit with Cross Canada Cyling Trio

It has been almost a month since Katie, Sophi and Dino stayed with me on their Cross Canada cyling adventure. What a fun visit with 3 complete strangers. I met Sophi's aunt at a writers' conference only a couple months previous.

I was excited for their arrival in spite of the fact I had my busiest cooking weekend so far this summer. It was opening day for our farmers' market and the following day I was catering a luncheon for 40. I wish I had more time to socialize.

The best I could offer were Cheddar & Jalapeno scones, a simple supper and Stele Artois.  We chatted until I had to get back to baking bread. Dino gave us a demonstration to show the change in her calves since the trip began. I am sure they articulation will be much more accentuated by the time they reach Newfoundland. Katie & Sophi pondered the multitude of curious questions from friends and acquaintances upon completion of this feat.

They showered, they giggled. They prepared for their departure. It was a pleasant surprise to see them at the farmers' market but a second visit was a sign of something wrong. Dino had a bent spoke and the repair was lengthy. They needed to stay another night.

They are now in Ontario and have just left Wawa. The destination is St. John's, Newfoundland by the end of September. Amazingly, they are only halfway at Wawa.
The girls made dinner. That was so welcomed as I had spent the entire day at the market. We had this lovely baby spinach salad with sauteed portabella mushrooms and herbed goat cheese.
This asparagus soup was the star. I loved the garnish of crispy asparagus heads. Sophi made these dishes from intuition. An intuitive cook is a lucky person.

You can follow their blogs     Sophi & Katie at wanderersonwheels
                                                Dino at A A Rock Cycling Across Canada


  1. It is wonderful to meet new people and enjoy their adventure. We met people in Europe that were on 6-month bike tours and were just amazed with them.

    Looks like a good healthy meal they prepared for you.


  2. What fun to have young passionate people stay and treat you with their farmers market finds. Many, many years ago I met a cyclist at Corner Brook newfoundland who had cycled across Canada. We are still friends today since she lives in North Vancouver.


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