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My Garden in July

My lilies are at their prime.  So lovely and brilliant.

My chard and beets loved the rotted sheep manure I added.

The birds love my strawberries.  Now they are as difficult for me to pick as they are for them to steal.

This is not in my garden!  Just had to share.  Went in to the country today looking for some nice photos.


  1. I just took a minute to catch up on your posts (love the roses from your neighbour and your gorgeous lilies and the amazing rodeo) - I'm sitting here outside the reception building in Bangladesh using the internet.

  2. those are perfect lilies, Sarah. The netting is great... but yes, it sort of sucks that you now have to go through it to get to your own berries! I put some on my cherry tree when the birds were eating all the cherries on my (luckily) dwarf tree. I came back one weekend to find a bird INSIDE the net eating happily and threw up my hands.

  3. Your tiger lilies are beautiful, as are your veggies. Glad you and your new yard have gotten along so famously!

  4. Those lilies are fantastic. You photos are excellent, the net must be a real pain but..... Diane

  5. Those lilies are unbelievable! The colors just pop -- what a lovely sight that must be to gaze out on after a long, hard day.

  6. Gorgeous lilies, Sarah. I can see you put a lot of love into your garden :)


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