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Day 2 at Kid's Cooking Camp

 It was cupcake day!  We baked cupcakes and hey, guess what?  They all turned out!  Yeah!  Tomorrow we will decorate.

Over a breakfast of smoothies and fresh bread, we talked about how to set a table and table etiquette.
 Work station #1.  A very amibitious duo planning to make Black Forest Cake cupcakes!  Yummm
 This was our smoothie work station.  We had frozen fresh picked local strawberries, frozen local saskatoon berries, mango, banana, homemade yogurt, milk and a dash of ground flax or wheat germ.
 Then we put our heads together and started baking.  This was our attempt at chocolate buttercream icing.  I had no idea how I could not help 3 work stations at the same time!  Unfortunately this flopped.  Oh well.  I am making some up tonight so we can carry on tomorrow.  We must have chocolate buttercream icing.
 These are the Black Forest Cake cupcakes.  We are doing it the old fashioned way with 2 big spoons.  I don't have an appropriately sized ice cream scoop.

 And these are vanilla cupcakes with fresh picked raspberries baked into them.  Yum...Yum.  Great idea, girls!  And don't you love that production line?  They know how to move.
And what is making cupcakes without licking off the spoons?
 Now is the time to see how they all baked.  Look at all the smiling faces!  What a bunch of photogenic ladies.

Penny for your thoughts! 


  1. What a fin and exciting way to spend an afternoon for all of you:D

  2. What a fun and exciting way to spend and afternoon for all of you!

  3. Hello to all attending Sarah's cooking camp - there in Sarah's very own kitchen.

    Your cooking results so far look wonderful, especially from winter down here in New Zealand. I'm really looking forward to seeing photos of your cupcake icing/frosting and decorations on Sarah's blog - And of anything/everything you get to cook there!!!

    Happy cooking and decorating,

    Michelle downunder in Wellington, New Zealand

  4. I am loving this series..You are capturing great moments..The parents must be overjoyed too..

    Will you give them a few photos after?:)

    I think making them each a little album would be fun..
    I have a feeling you may need to open a big school one day:)

  5. Just caught up with your Day 1 and Day 2 posts! The girls are just adorable, and look like they're having a wonderful time. The apron for each is a great idea. Hope you're having as much fun as they are. Kudos to you, Sarah, for doing this!

  6. I am in awe. It looks like you could wrangle cats if you put your mind to it... wonderful day. Hope you have many more and I bet these kids will remember it always!!

  7. Sarah...I just love the happy look on those girls faces! Your kitchen must feel so alive with the chit chat of those girlies. What a super fun day for all of you! Angie xo


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