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Murraydale Ranch Rodeo...103 years old


I spent the day driving through the Cypress Hills area of southwestern Saskatchewan.  These tires were the markers to lead me to the Murraydale Rodeo and Picnic.  This is the longest continuously running rodeo in the province.  It is located in a natural amphitheatre within the Cypress Hills.

This is a great little video introducing you to the Park.

It is literally in the middle of nowhere!  I had crude instructions on finding it.  I turned off the Trans Canada Highway at Tompkins and headed south into the Cypress Hills and up on the bench.  The most beautiful parts of the road trip were also the places I could not stop and pull off the road. 

The Cypress Hills, which were never glaciated, have a rich and exciting history. They are known as an erosional plateau having been formed by millions of years of sedimentary deposition followed by millions of years of erosion. An archaeology project started in the 1970’s has revealed human inhabitation of the hills for more than 8,500 years.  (from the Cypress Hills Provincial Park, Alberta website)  But I have to say that I didn't take any pictures in some of the most scenic spots! 
Driving south up into the Cypress Hills and onto the bench.

The Cypress Hills bench in the background.

 Most of my pictures are from the rodeo.  This is a big family event.  There were a few real rodeo cowboys riding broncs and wild bulls but a lot of the events were for the children.
The children work in teams of 4 and have to catch a calf and ride it for a specified amount of time.  The girls are just as tough as the boys!  You have to be in shape for this.  They ran back and forth around that arena for about 20 minutes.

Then it was time to just people watch!
Yes, collecting recyclables in a beer box!

This little guy loved being on his horse!  He was strapped in so he wouldn't fall and looked as comfortable as can be.  His Mom held the reins.


  1. Your drive into Cypress Hills was beautiful. Those photos are really marvelous, Sarah. The rodeo does look like fun. I've never been to one.

  2. When I lived in Calgart many moons ago and worked at the stockyards building I was invited to a rodeo or two.

  3. I can see you're having such a fun summer, Sarah! The photos show such a beautiful landscape, and the rodeo looks like a lot of fun!

  4. I know exactly what you mean... so many of the coolest views happen when I am on a narrow road with no pulloff room and someone breathing down my neck... blast!!
    I think you did very well with the picks... if these aren't the best... all I can say is whoa! It looks just gorgeous.

  5. I went to a local rodeo at the Terry Bison Ranch years ago. Sadly, it was closed due to "insurance issues". The local rodeos are more fun, I think. Great pictures.

  6. What beautiful scenery. And I love your blog header. I love a good rodeo!!

  7. This place is beautiful, majestic even.. Driving along all this, wowThis place is beautiful, majestic even.. Driving along all this, wow

  8. The photos are wonderful - especially LOVE the first 3!!!!! Have to catch a rodeo someday soon in the wild, wild west. (BTW, yes, I was in the Netherlands with work on transfer for 4 years - now I return to Nigeria to continue work with the same company!) Take care

  9. I love it Sarah! You captured some really gorgeous very pretty! We have never been to a rodeo...even though we live in Alberta! We have spend most of our July in Nova Scotia and miss the Calgary Stampede. We would like to go one day...but my kids are not big on crowds or huge events. I think they would much prefer an event on a smaller scale like the one you attended! Have a wonderful week! Angie xo

  10. Oh, my! What a wonderful time! The drive was beautiful and I do love people watching! You caught some great kids!

  11. Looks like an amazing visit. Love the vistas.Thanks for being a part of Seasonal Sundays. So sorry it's taken me so long to visit.

    - The Tablescaper


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