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Day 1 with Kid's Cooking Camp

The day has finally arrived for my very first Kid's Cooking Camp.  I have six lovely ladies ages 7-11 who want to have a little fun in the kitchen.

The table was laid with aprons for each.  Cupcakes were something almost all wanted to make.  I made a little 'cupcake idea' centrepiece.

They were all a little shy and quiet when they arrived but soon the fun of it all took over and we had a great time.  It was priceless to see six little ladies with aprons running around my garden with clipboards planning which edible flowers and plants they might use to adorn their cupcake extravaganza.

We started our morning with a French toast made with a chocolate walnut yeasted coffee cake.  So sweet that it only needed a touch of maple syrup.  Then they brainstormed, in pairs, to come up with their ideal cupcakes.

Meanwhile, we also mixed up a batch of rich tomato meat sauce to have with spaghetti another day.

Lunch was homemade pizza creations.

We had fun brainstorming about what else we could make this week.  "Lemonade, we should make lemonade, " I said.  Beverages are always important.  "I bet it would taste good with rosemary," said one gal, "or basil."  Does she know that she has the taste palate of a gourmand?  I kid you not, she came up with this brilliant idea after a tour of my herb garden.  I know this has been in the 'circles' for awhile but this is a little 8 year old who doesn't follow the foodie news.   I will be listening for all her ideas!

I was so amazed by their sense of smell and taste.  We had barely opened my jar of dried oregano and one little lady said, "What is that smell?"  And she was 3 feet away!   They really paid attention also when we did the taste tour of my herb garden.  Hence, the suggestion for rosemary and basil in lemonade.  I am so awed by their creativity.

All was abuzz as they went home to dream of sugar faeries.  Tomorrow we cook our cupcakes and make our buttercream icing.  They are only 8 years old!  Making buttercream icing!  Heaven forbid!


  1. Charming charming charming..what a beautiful table too! Oh these kids are so lucky!They are so cute too.

  2. They do say kids have a heightened sense of smell... glad you had a good time, Sarah. The kitchen is so great for classes!

  3. Oh Sarah, that looks like so much fun!

  4. Well done and many congratulations / they look like they are having fun. I think it is fantastic to unlock kids creativity with food so early!!!!!

  5. This post warmed my heart to the core. What a great idea, and it sounds like everyone is having so much fun in the kitchen! You're clearly aces at engaging the girls & encouraging & respecting their suggestions -- what a wonderful opportunity you're giving them.

    I can't wait to hear more about Kids Cooking Camp!

  6. Aprons & Cupcakes...what more could a girl ask for? Angie xo


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