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Update on my New-to-Me Home


This is a before picture of my new home.  I call it a before picture, because I have big plans for this little house!  To me, it is a blank canvas.  Those three cedars in front have to go.  Due to the dry climate they require a lot of watering, and that has caused problems for the basement.  So I will replace them with some nice landscape grasses that are better suited to the climate.
All of the windows have to be replaced and the eavestroughs.  But that means I can get rid of all the brown.  Thankfully, it has a nice neutral roof colour.

This is my kitchen!  It will do for now but when I can get a contractor in, it will be replaced, too.
And what does Miss Sugar think of all this?   Hmmph....not my problem!


  1. That is so exciting..Even in this as you call before looks ready and waiting for you.Do you really need to replace the windows?...

    I live in a town with homes from the 1800's to 2010:) You should see some of the windows..

    That big window in the kitchen is great for you.

  2. Oh, this is so exciting! I love your big windows in your kitchen! Miss Sugar finds the whole thing exhausting.

  3. Such a cute house! I agree about the cedars - grasses would look much better, or other dry-tolerant bushes (like maybe the potentilla). Are you thinking of doing the kitchen over completely or just looking for quick-fixes for the next few years?

  4. Congrats on your new house! What a fantastic space! Your kitty is too funny :D

  5. What a cute house!! When do you get to move in? Can't wait to see how you change it to really become yours. Congrats again!

  6. YEAAAAA!!! You home looks so cozy!! I love the kitchen! There's so much counterspace, and it has a big window for good blog step-by-step shots haha. Ayyy, the priorities of a food blogger :). Congrats again!

  7. Very nice house for a couple of ladies! The kitchen is nice and sunny, and just replacing the countertops would probably freshen it up a lot! Personally, I'd paint the cabinets right away, because it's an inexpensive way to brighten it up. You can always get your dream cabinets later, after all! I'm looking forward to "in progress" and "after" pictures!

  8. Great house... so many wonderful ideas. And the cat is LOL

  9. Hope you keep us up with your project; should be fun! That snow should be melting now, right?

  10. Nana - I know what you mean about the windows. My last house was circa 1912 and I love the old windows and I completely restored them. 1960's is a totally different kettle of fish. The big front window has a broken seal and the others are energy guzzlers and not attractive, at that.

    Benny's & Michelle J - thanks for your encouragement!

    Pam - yes, Sugar is not getting involved - just give me my supper and my love!

    Andrea - I thought I would do a quick fix on the kitchen, but the more I look at it, the more I am thinking I will gut and get new. The work area could be so much better and it would be a lot of work to paint and replace hardware and replace counter tops. I may as well bite the bullet and enjoy.

    Valli - thanks! I shall.

    Memoria - you are the consumate blogger! That is the perfect light for my photos!

    Marjie - it is a nice house for a couple of ladies, you are right!

    Moogie - thanks!

    Sage - yes, we have had several days of above freezing weather and the snow is going! The birds are singing! And the roads are slushy! It feels like spring.

  11. Congratulations, Sarah! Where is it? S.C.? Definitely has potential. I think not renovating right away is good-get to know the place in all its different conditions. I'm wondering how the back yard is, too-where to put the Bar-B-Q? -Claire

  12. Oh that is very charming :) and how cute is the photo of your cat lazing around!

  13. I agree, gut the place. The cabinet over the peninsula will just block light. Make it your own space.
    Grasses in the front? Perfect, low maintenance aren't they. Grasses will add a softness to the front.
    This is a house with lots of potential, congrats!

  14. I love those large windows. Congratulations Sarah!
    Have a great day

  15. Claire - Yes, S.C. (Swift Current in Canada. South Carolina in the US and since I spent so much time in the South, I had to knock my head every time someone calls it S.C.)

    Gypsy Chef - A gal after my own heart! j

    Khadija - Thank you :)


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