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Quick Trip to Calgary

I had some business in the city so made that trip last week.  I only spent two nights but that meant almost a half dozen meals out.  I didn’t eat at the same place twice and visited some very interesting places.

Dinner on my first evening was at Char Cut.  It is brand spanking new.  The theme is charcuterie, really.  We shared three items – whole fish baked, poutine and house cured duck prosciutto. 

The meal was out of this world.  The fish was so flavourful and nicely seasoned.  We just pulled the meat from the bones and enjoyed.  The poutine had potatoes fried in duck fat with the traditional cheese curd and gravy.  And the duck prosciutto was served with parmesan reggiano shaved over the plate.  It was delicious with crostini.  And I was the brave soul and took pictures!

On day 2 I enjoyed sushi for lunch and dined at Petite for dinner.  My hotel hosted a cocktail hour before dinner and I had a chance to meet other guests.  It was a very nice social time.

Petite is exactly that, very small.  The scallops were served with a cauliflower puree and cauliflowerlets lightly stir fried.  It seems odd to have white with white but it was tasty.  It didn’t hurt also that they comped me a beautiful glass of cava!

Breakfast on day 3 was a European experience at Manuel Latruwe with a lovely ham and cheese croissant and cappuccino.   Then lunch at El Bombazo for pupusas and tamales.

I bought a ton of groceries, everything from Madagascar Bourbon vanilla to jasmine rice.  I haven’t had real prosciutto in almost a year and also splurged on some Serrano ham.  I am stocked up on Maseca for tamales, anchovies, fish sauce, rice for paella and for risotto, nice cocoa, truffle sauce and so much more.  

My favourite shopping spots are Lina's Italian Market, El Bombazo Latino Market, The Cookbook Company and Superstore, to name a few.


  1. OOOH, Sarah... do you have a good recipe for poutine? I have always wanted to try it The food looks wonderful..I love whole baked fish!

  2. What is charcuterie? I've never heard that before. My family thinks I'm a closet foodie, so I really need to add that term to my repetoire.

    You had some amazing food in your 2 days in Calgary. They all sound so good, but especially the scallops and cauliflawer puree.

  3. New term for me - charcuterie. Poutine is also something new that I've not heard of before. Thanks for the exposure!! The fish looks good while the duck prosciutto sounds amazing.

  4. Deana - no, unfortunately I do not have a good recipe for poutine. But if you fry your potatoes in duck fat, buy cheese curds and make a good beef or turkey gravy, it will be divine. Now after spending time in the USA, your gravy is not the same as ours. You have to use a nice rich turkey gravy.

    Grace & Dharm - charcuterie is a selection of preserved meats - like the duck prosciutto. I have added the link for the term on this post.

  5. Your meals out looked great! The food you bought to take back to the country amazing. Cheers to you!

    I hope Spring is just around the corner for you.

  6. de jolies photos un dîner parfait tu as dû te régalé j'imagine qu'il est délicieux
    bonne journée

  7. I have reservations at Charcut this week...can't wait!

  8. oh boy! oh boy..another food blog..i love food..and im loving your blog

  9. A couple of days for a change of pace is nice. Surely Miss Sugar was irked that you left her, and promptly ignored you when you returned!

  10. Cathy-I hope you love Char Cut as much as I did!

    Andrea - Thank you!

    Marjie - I am the whuss. She came with me...and decided to start talking at 4:30am in the hotel! Second night I think we were both pooped.

  11. Sounds like a wonderful trip. Good eats, good shopping for good eats.....does it get batter than that? I think not!
    I love my potatoes cooked in goose or duck fat, with a touch of garlic and parsley. Heaven n a plate.

  12. I love charcuterie and baked fish. The whole meal sounds great!


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