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Christmas Sugar Cookies

I have started my Christmas baking for the markets. I love making sugar cookie stars and think that a glaze of icing just finishes them off nicely. Last year I used a Royal Icing and I loved the cookies. This year I found an idea in a Winnipeg foodie magazine. They used a simple glaze and that is what I also tried this year.

I like how it is just a light glaze of icing. Sprinkles and dragees adhere nicely. You can colour the icing and you can layer it if you wait an hour between colours.

Check out the adorable sugar cookies at in Ciao magazine here

My sugar cookie recipe is a keeper. I recommend it. I used this icing recipe from Ciao magazine.

1 cup icing sugar
1 tablespoon white corn syrup
2 tablespoons water

Mix until smooth. Paint on to the cookies. Sprinkles can be added now but let the icing set for an hour before layering on more colours. Leave cookies 24 hours for the icing to set before packaging.


  1. They are as sweet as sweet can be:)

    Good for you:) I have a wee headstart on Christmas also~

  2. Sarah, I am feeling pressure:-). I have not gotten through this week's menu to feed the family. Still, these cookies look awesome. No doubt this will be a hit at the Christmas Market.

    Happy holiday baking.

  3. Gorgeous! I still love the look of these.

  4. oh my, those look soo delicious!
    i need to have to try this out.
    thanks for sharing this amazing recipe.

    dropping by via 3 hungry tummies to say hi!


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