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Weekend in Winnipeg

In most provinces in Canada this is a long weekend.  In Saskatchewan, where I live, it is Family Day and in Manitoba, it is Louis Riel Day.  Louis Riel is credited with establishing Manitoba as a province.

At any rate, I decided to take a break and visit my good friends and former neighbours, Jerry & Greg.  The best part is that we all love food!  This is a pictorama (is that a word?) of the weekend.

Rosemary roast leg of lamb.....yummmm

We had a little bread making class.  Looks like they aced it!

Greg & Jerry's recipe for Raincoast Crisps is to die for.

Miss Sugar was the best little walking on counter tops, no scratching furniture....she just liked this chair.  So they gave it to her for the weekend.  And she really appreciated  being at 'our level'.


  1. It looks like a wonderful weekend was enjoyed by all, particularly Miss Sugar.


  2. I'm glad to see Miss Sugar is doing well! It had been a while since we last saw her... The food looks great too. :)

  3. Oh! That food looks so good...especially the lamb! No one in my house likes lamb except me, so I am positively drooling! Angie xo

  4. That bread and lamb look so good! Miss Sugar looks great as usual!


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