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Photography Assignment

My little photography club is such fun.  This month the challenge is to take pictures inside stores.  I asked permission from this small, but interesting, decorating shop.
I had no idea the challenges this assignment would produce.

I had expected challenges with lighting.  There is instore lighting and the large window with natural light.  So I set my camera on automatic white balance.  It worked well.

Lighting challenges again.  See how the front pillow looks all right but as you go back there is glare.  No flash.  Just existing lights.

This one was okay.  Lighting is not bad, composition is okay, colours are fine.  Somewhat interesting.

Then you find this.  These towels had interesting colours but when photographed, they just do not look plush enough.  I did not think to take my white board and was unable to remove those shadows on the top of the towels.

Now you can see all the clutter.  It might work in the store but it does not work in a photograph.

 Then you get rid of the clutter and the lighing is harsh!

It was a fun learning experience. 


  1. I wish I belonged to a photography club!

  2. It would be fun to be part of a photography group. New things to learn!

  3. What fun a photography club would be and I do love photography challenges.

    I like the photo with the pink cushion and vases in particular - good lighting, nice composition, and interesting textures. I wonder what the towel photo would have looked like if you had gone in close and only had the range of colours side-by-side without the tops or bottoms of the towels showing to distract you. You could get the effect by cropping it in Picnik to see how it looks.

  4. I'm so looking forward to learning some photography techniques to take decent photos for my blog... a photography club would be such a fun way to learn!

  5. I think you did well... love the red photo. I am not good at location shots since I have had no practice... I think I need to give it a try, you have inspired me!

  6. What fun! I wish I was in a photography club. Then again I wish I had a camera worthy of a photography club :) I love the large squat green vase in the 4th photo, I want that in my own home! Nice job Sarah, you have quite an eye for photography!

  7. Great thing to be part of a photography club and have to do assignments. I also find shooting in stores/restaurants/in-door places a which there is no one answer. Oh well, half the job is in the trying!

  8. Nice work Sarah! As I've said before you have a great eye!


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