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Tarragon Vinegar and Sage Honey

I know what you all think, "Canada is an iceberg!"  Well, this year I am apt to agree with you.  Just throw in an ark for good measure.  We have had rain every day or night in the past month.  How do you think that goes with harvest?  Yeah.  It doesn't.  The field peas, chick peas and lentils (which are the main crops in this area) are swathed and molding in the field because they can't pick them up and combine them.  Mustard is the only crop still standing and has half a chance.  Not to mention, the millions, yes millions, of acres that were never planted to wheat due to excessive rain in seeding season.  It is a dire situation.  Look for flour and bread prices to rise over the next year.

And now it is cold.  I hear we may have frost soon.  That means everything that is tender, in the garden, will freeze and die.  So I am not taking any chances and I am harvesting my herbs.  I also picked all of my roma tomatoes this afternoon and they will ripen indoors.  I might be making catsup yet this year!  Or, yum, some green tomato relish.  Stay tuned.  They will be turned into something delish.

Thank you, Pam at Sidewalk Shoes.  I have some French tarragon in my garden this year and I don't want to waste even this year's little twigs.  So I am making tarragon vinegar.

With my sage, I am making sage honey.  I hear it is to die for!  I will let you know in a month or so.  Look at how clear that honey is!  It is perfect for infusing flavours.

My flat leaf parsley is chopped and in the freezer.  Ditto chives.  And the chamomile is drying for future tea.

I have already harvested the seeds from my cilantro, coriander!  

This is also my entry for Fresh Friday!


  1. I have tarragon too and it always dies back when the frost finally hits but comes back (so far) each spring. can you tell me how you make your vinegar and also have you ever frozen tarragon in ice cubes? I do basil like this and found it works great for winter usage. I enjoyed your post.

    Carol-the gardener

  2. Oh the poor farmers! :( I hope they are able to salvage most of their crops.
    I can see how these are going to turn into so delicious goodies!

  3. I love your blog!! I popped by on account of my addiction to Michaek Ruhlman.

    I'm on Vancouver Island but am originally from Winnipeg - and I agree, some of the best garlic in the world is grown on the Canadian prairies :-)

    I look forward to reading your blog and getting to know you.

  4. I'm really sorry for the farmers :( farming is hard work!!!

    I love herb infused vinegars. Never even thought of doing it with honey, can't wait to hear how it is!! I need to get off my duff & harvest herbs soon too.

  5. I was so sorry to read about all the crop damage; you're smart to harvest your own right now!

    Well, I haven't got fresh in my non-existant garden, Sarah, but I sure can get fresh at my market. I'd love to try both of these recipes! Looking forward to more.

  6. I just chopped and froze parsley and chives, too! Isn't Pam inspirational?

  7. Sage honey is right up my alley... how I love honey. DId I tell you about the chamomile syrup I read about in the NYT... it is delish on melon with mint and makes the chamomile last and last. I've had mine for weeks now and it's still nummy. Freezes come so soon, don't they?

  8. Thanks for the great ideas. Sage honey does sound wonderful.

  9. Sarah, First of all I simply cannot believe the words that I am reading about your weather! It's just crazy in so many places. You're almost ready for a freeze and it's still over 90 degrees here with no rain in one month. Nearly everything is dormant or dead. Just makes you want to cry! But secondly, I'm in awe of all that things that you make . . . and now honey! That's amazing! Thanks for adding it to the Fresh list today. Stay warm while I try not to sweat too much! LOL!

  10. Love the idea of the sage honey - I have a batch of sage, a gift from a friend waiting to be used up!

  11. Thanks for the mention!!! How do you make sage honey??? I want to make some!!

  12. Carol> I will have to post the recipe. Don't know why I didn't.

    tummies> I hope so!

    Maven> Welcome! So nice to meet other western Canadians.

    Andrea> I will post again with the sage honey.

    Barbara> market is good!

    Marjie> she sure is.

    Deana> I remember now you mentioning chamomile syrup. Perhaps I can use my semi-dried chamomile. I think it would be delicious.

    Melynda> thanks!

    Bella> it is really weird this year, for so many of us.

    Butterfly> aren't you the lucky one.

    Pam> I will post. I should have put the recipe in this post.

  13. I was just thinking earlier that it is time to bring in the herbs, no frost here yet but sure is getting cold at night.
    I have a bushel load of mint out there waiting to be something.

  14. You have been busy! I am anxious to hear how the vinegar and honey turn out.
    Sorry to hear that the weather caused so much damage this year. It has been a crazy year when it comes to weather.

  15. Hi Sarah! I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog and recipes! I'm a avid canner as well and enjoy trying new recipes. You have some very interesting ideas which I'm excited to try! Happy Fall Season to you and yours!


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