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NOtaBLE in Calgary

My one and only fine dining experience on this trip was at NOtaBLE.  They just opened their doors 6 weeks ago and everything felt like it was a well oiled wheel.

The menu was a little difficult to read - in the style of printing and style of writing.  They had some wonderful entrees like lamb shank and flatiron steak.  They had a burger special and soup specials. 

But I am wondering if the time has come that there is nothing new in nice local food.  Just a question.  Not a definitive statement.  It just seems like what I can find at other great dining rooms in Calgary.  Or does the city just need more of these types of restaurants that are not in the city centre?


  1. I've been wondering about this place, but it's clear on the other end of the city from us.

    We tend to stick to the central restaurants. Mmm, River Cafe.

    If you can when you're in town, stop by the Highwood at SAIT too. The culinary program has it's first garden this year.

  2. Like I was musing, perhaps we just need more of these restaurants throughout the city so no one has to drive all across town. Nothing wrong with River Cafe.


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