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Refrigerator Soup

To continue on my soup 'binge' and to clean out my refrigerator, I am making Refrigerator Soup today!

I started with 'the trinity', as it is known in cajun cooking.  This is diced onion, celery and green pepper and I sauteed that in some of my rendered duck fat.  Yummmmy!  Then I added beef chili (in the freezer and left over from taco salad), black beans and black eyed peas (previously cooked and in my freezer), and chiffonade of chard leaves.  I threw in a bit of brown and wild rice, for good measure.

For more flavour, I added a partial can of tomato sauce from the fridge, a dollop of peanut satay sauce and a touch of jalapeno tomatillo salsa.  With a couple of cups of water, it was ready to simmer until done.

Pairing this soup with a slice of my flower pot bread and I have a nice meal for a winter day.


  1. In our household these dishes are called "Gronk".
    A kind of food re-cycling...Yum

  2. I love making refrigerator soup. Great way to use up leftovers and wonderful for lunch. Your addition of the peanut satay sauce has gotten me thinking of all kinds of ideas. I actually have a bottle of that in my fridge!

  3. I'm making refrigerator soup tonight, starting with the 2 chicken carcasses from Thursday night's dinner. I also found tomato powder online, which gives us tomato flavor without those pesky half cans of paste hanging around!

    We lived in Maryville for 3 years a long time ago. I'll bet it's a mess with the snow around...we used to laugh at people's fear of it and their obsessive trips to the supermarket before the storm!

  4. Hi Marjie,
    I have heard about tomato powder but never bothered. Maybe I should! I hate those half cans in the fridge. I hadn't noticed the supermarket thing but they sure go over the top for a little snow! Schools closed, nobody goes out, and the kids and adults are sliding down hills that have barely enough snow to slide on! But I guess if you don't do it now, you'll never slide down a hill on a garbage bag!

  5. Perfect meal for winter. I love this soup and yours looks so delicious.


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