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After another long day of driving from Colorado Springs, CO I am exhausted and so is Miss Sugar.  She needs a bath (but don't tell her).   I had lunch in Chugwater, Wyoming.  It is such a little place.  This little place has built a business around their chili.  Chugwater Chili is a going concern.  Sadly, I did not try it.  I am not a chili fan at the best of times.  Perhaps it was overdone in my childhood.  But this little lodge was a going concern.  Definitely worth a stop.

I have now reached Sheridan, Wyoming.  It is such a nice town.  I have been told that it is artsy and a retirement mecca.  I can see why!  The main street is lined with turn of the century buildings, in good repair I might add and with businesses in them.  There is also a new part of town with those amenities.  I might spend a bit of time tomorrow downtown.

Tonight I am too lazy to eat out.  I am digging through my travelling food and I have a microwave.  So I am having my home made pita chips with the grated parmesan cheese in my sack and melted it like nachos.  Not bad!

This is a picture from the short-cut road I took in New Mexico.  I drove for an hour and only saw 4 or 5 cars and even fewer homes.  It was desolate!

I had lunch in Roy, New Mexico.  That was a dive if I have ever seen one.  But tell me if this is normal Mexican food.  I had a combination plate that had two enchiladas (?), pinto beans and a lettuce salad all swimming in a green chili sauce with cheese.  I couldn't even see what I was eating because there was so much sauce.  I do know that there were nice chunks of beef in the green chile.  I also had a basket with a beef taco and a flour tortilla and salsa in it.


  1. Wow..on your own w/ Miss Sugar.. do I see a book deal? Very cute!

  2. Hopefully this won't be an accidental double post... The road in New Mexico looks lovely, even if it was desolate but I guess it could have become monotonous. No clue on authentic Mexican food but that platter sounds kind of delicious.

  3. Sarah - I am from the prairies. I love looking at open land.

    Nana - well, everyone tells me I should write a book!

  4. I hope the winter storms avoid you on your journey west! The pita chips with Parmesan sound really good, a twist on nachos, love that! Your Mexican dish sounds pretty typical of what we get served here in the southwest as 'Mexican' cooking. Not pretty to look at, but it tastes pretty good :) Happy travels!


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