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Oh, the joys of house sittin' in the country.....

Summer is definitely over and if I blink, autumn might turn into winter today.  So you know what that means on the farm?  Critters who normally live outside are looking for a cozy winter abode.  I found a couple of dead wasps on the floor.  No big deal, so I thought.  Then another couple of dead wasps the next day.  I know they have a nest somewhere at the back of the house.  Have they found their way into the basement?

So I go down to check and I could not believe my eyes.  There had to be fifty or more flying around the fluorescent light.  I sprayed.  Hours later I went to check and there were probably a hundred dead wasps on the floor, but still tons flying around the light. 

I found their access spot but there was no way I could get close.  They were hanging on the wall below.  I sprayed again.  Hours later I checked and another hundred were dead in the other room.

So every couple of hours I am spraying wasps in the basement.  Apparently the spray has to touch the insect before it will kill it.  I just pray I can get them all before it creeps me out.

This really trumps my experience yesterday.  On Tuesday as I am doing my mat exercises I catch a glimpse of something black moving outside the leaded glass window in the front door.  Two of Jarvis’ cows thought the grass was greener on my side of the fence.

They were harmless and when I opened the door, they took off like two delinquents.

I checked around the yard to see if they damaged anything.  No they didn’t, but I swear that cows are just ‘poop machines’.  Fresh cow patties all over the front yard.  With all the rain, there is no way they will dry out so I can just pick ‘em up and huck ‘em.  No sir, I was shovelin'  __it.


  1. Hi Sarah - from a rancher sounds like you were unappreciative of free fertilizer.
    We missed you at the reunion in MooseJaw - I'm enjoying checking out your blog (from a non-blogger)

  2. Hi Sherri!

    Oh, how I wanted to be in Moose Jaw. But this came up and it just felt like something I would never do again. Free fertilizer, you are right! It was quite amusing. I visited your part of the country, actually near Eastend, last spring. Thought I might work at a B&B for the summer but then I didn't. Loved it though.


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