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I'm finally on Foodgawker

I love Foodgawker .  It is a wealth of foodie ideas.  They are very picky on which pictures they use but I have finally been published.  Check out items #40504 and #40508


  1. Congratulations, A true foodie!

  2. Oh my goodness! They are SOOO picky! I have been trying for a long time to get my posts on there, but alas, I have not yet been successful.

    Congrats! I saw your post on jelly. It looks divine.

  3. They are beyond picky! I swear my pics were better than some but if you have a history, I think it counts. How else would a simple muffin make the cut. I was relentless. Sent them 6 in one day. I feel lucky after your story...

    I am making lavash tonight. Trying a couple of different recipes. Let's see if I can get it posted...

  4. Aly, I just looked at your blog. Did you send in the carrot cake? You have some very good pics there. I'd send them.

  5. I was just wondering what your secret is with Foodgawker. I agree some of the selected photos aren't that great. Perhaps I should try again...and again...and again. ;-)

  6. I think that once you are on the list, they take your pics. I mean, look at some of them! Check out the loaf cake on today. That isn't as nice as my lavash! I just kept at it and eventually got lucky. Also, I bet they have a quota every day and some days have more submissions than others.


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