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Hummingbird Cake - a Southern favourite

Today was the charity Feast, Country Store and Auction at the church.  The feast was a traditional southern picnic type lunch - pulled pork on a bun, coleslaw, potato salad, baked beans and home made desserts.  They had a hot dog lunch, as well.  And even the hot dogs were smoked!  They had a huge smoker on-site.

Anyway, I discovered Hummingbird Cake.  It was up for auction. I asked the woman beside what it was but she hadn't had one in a long time and couldn't put a finger on the flavours and only said that it was REALLY good!  I researched online and found a wonderful baking website.

I would think that something called Hummingbird Cake would be very sweet, such as a hummingbird would like.  Well, it is much like a carrot cake in texture but the flavours are crushed pineapple, pureed bananas and chopped pecans.  This is cooked as a layer cake and held together with creamed cheese frosting that also has pecans added.  It is very rich and a little goes a long way.  Check out this website for a picture and a recipe.            

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