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Update on My House

Look at that gorgeous blue sky!  I have been waiting for the past month for the rain to stop so I could paint.  I changed the colour of my house. 

I just didn't like the one colour look.  I felt the house needed to be 'grounded'.  I only changed the bottom portion.

And this was how it was when I bought the house last spring.

I removed the ugly indoor outdoor carpet from the step and still have to deal with the adhesive that was left.  So much work!


  1. You were so right in painting the bottom part a darker gray - it looks great. Are you keeping the front door the same colour. If you were ever to need a change, I could see a brighter colour - like dark red, yellow, or even a gorgeous blue with they gray siding. Well done. Painting a house is a huge job.

  2. You have done such a great job! Beautiful autumn day indeed!

  3. The house looks great. As far as the step is concerned at Revy they have resurfacing products that look like stone or patterned cement. Could they not be applied over the adhesive without removing it? To apply them you need to roughen up the surface and with the adhesive it is already rough. They look fantastic too!!!

  4. Valli> thanks, I will check that out.

    Grace> no, I will also be changing the door colour. I should get a friend do some photoshop for me.

  5. The house is looking great! You are doing a great job updating it.

    Oh yes, look at that blue sky-looks like the temps are quite cool.

  6. It is getting a prairie look with the paint change... love it. Next you'll be putting in Wright-ian casement windows if you're not careful! Looks great, Sarah!

  7. Your house looks great! It is tons of work but it pays off!

  8. I like the grey at the bottom of the house! Bravo, Sarah!

  9. This looks exactly like the house I grew up in, except the reverse... the living room was on the other side. Is it two, or three bedrooms upstairs? Ours had two and one bath. The living and dining room as L shaped. There was a broom closet across from the bathroom and a storage area in the hall behind the kitchen. We would walk down to the landing to go out the back door. It was 1050 square feet. I loved that house, and I miss it!
    I love your colour so much more... and glad you took down the cedars... they were pretty,but you needed the light in the windows!

  10. how fun to remodel your little nest! I am sure the end result is going to be fantastic and you will be very happy.


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