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Old Barns of Tennessee

A year ago I was house sitting in Tennessee.  I arrived late in August and stayed for over 5 months.  I am thinking about my friends that I met while I was down South.  This is a little tribute to the barns of east Tennessee.  And one picture of the Smoky Mountains in autumn.

For Fresh Friday with Roz at La Bella Vita I am revisiting the barns of east Tennessee that I would drive past almost every day.  Most are amidst lush greenness but you can see the change of the season with the barn still used to dry tobacco and with the old fashioned cantilevered barn.

This is also my entry for Seasonal Sunday with The Tablescaper.


  1. I love that last barn - it barely looks like it would stay up in a windstorm as it is so top heavy.

  2. Interesting post. The barns are so different to the large tobacco barns we used to have in Zimbabwe. The barns here in France are all made from stone so again completely different. Diane

  3. I just love old barns! Great tour. I just love the last one...I have never seen one quite like that! Fun.

  4. What marvelous shots, Sarah. I see them when I visit Michigan, but never think to photograph them!

  5. Sarah, how wise of you to carry your camera around and snap these photos! They are so beautiful! I love old buildings, and barns have so many stories that could be told. I'm glad that you enjoyed your time in TN, I'm thinking of taking an autumn drive to TN or NC soon to see some changing colors that have not yet appeared here. Thanks so much for linking this lovely post up on my little get-together. Roz

  6. Sarah! Beautiful photos... so timely this time of year. They are truly works of art. Thank you for sharing them. I would love it if you would get a plug in for your website that is a subscribe by e-mail plug in. I never get to my rss feeds or readers in a timely fashion and hate missing your posts. TRULY.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  7. Everything is so green and lush in Tennassee. Lucky you to spend some time there. I love the design of the last bar:D

  8. My dad loved to photograph barns. These are very nice photos.

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  9. Grace> it is an olden barn built so the carts could come below. This is on a national historic site.

    Diane> Ilove stone barns. I love stone barns!

    Kate> it is unique to this area.

    Barbara> you can see that some of these are drive by 'shootings'! The roads are so windy that it is not safe to stop.

    Roz> I have to say that in the beginning I was non plussed by the colours of the Smoky Mountains. But they are beautiful. The higher altitudes are often foggy and clouded in and not great driving or picturing.

    Val> I think I can figure that out!

    Valli> it is amazing.

    Elise> thx!

  10. I love old barns! my hubby and I try to go one "Barn tours" every couple of years! Great photos!

  11. Hi -- what wonderful shots of the barns. I haven't seen a tobacco barn in use in years; when I was a kid, Connecticut was full of tobacco farms, but I haven't seen one there, well, since I was a kid!

    that last barn is a hoot.
    It looks as if it could walk away.

  12. You're certainly talking my language. I adore old barns! And you have some real beauties here!

  13. Hi, I'm came over from The Tablescaper. I've lived in E. Tennessee for 9 years, and you've definitely captured the "flavor" of the place. Some of these great barns almost look familiar! What town were you in when you were here?

  14. Such glorious photos. You make us feel like we're there.

    Thanks so much for being a part of Seasonal Sundays. Sorry I'm so late getting around to everyone, but it was a VERY busy weekend.

    - The Tablescaper


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