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Second Day in Chocolate Making Class

I wish I could post more pics but they would only be of interest to me, I'm sure!  It was another packed day of making molded chocolates - make the chocolate shape, fill with ganache, cap off, remove from mold, and, the best part, EAT!  Yum.

We had a demonstration on making liquid centres, as in liqueurs.  And a demo on what I call, sandwiches.  Two wafers of chocolate filled with a lovely ganache.  And the top layer is decorated with a transfer sheet.

We had another demo on filling chocolate cups and capping and decorating.  Beautiful!

We made a chocolate with Gianduja base (hazelnut chocolate puree with crisps) and an anisette ganache.  Then this delectable delight was dipped in milk chocolate and decorated with a flourish of dark chocolate.  I didn't get a pic of the totally finished product.  I'll have to remember to do that tomorrow before we eat them all.

And we filled our dark chocolate molds with a chocolate ginger ganache, capped them, and turned them out of the mold.  Piece of cake!  These are the actual chocolates made by moi!  Woo hoo!

Chocolate Ginger Ganache

500 g  cream
100 g  glucose
100 g  butter
15 - 20 g  grated ginger
700 g  dark chocolate

Boil the cream, glucose and butter.  Add the grated ginger and let infuse until lukewarm.
Pour through a sieve and pour it over the tempered dark chocolate.  Mix well.

Pour the ganache into a frame.  Set until the ganache has crystallized and is firm.

Put a layer of dark chocolate on the bottom side after it has become firm.  Cut into desired pieces and dip in chocolate.  Decorate. 

Amid all of this tasty testing, we learned the science of sugar, chocolate, fat, crystallization and more on tempering.  Tempering all of a sudden is the easiest thing we are doing.  Funny how that works!

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