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First Day at Belgian Candy Making class in Orlando - Mocha Ganache

I was so nervous to attend this class because it is the first chef level class I have taken.  But I should not have wasted my time with worry.  It is very comfortable and there are students of different interests.

The instructor is Chef Jean-Pierre Wybauw from Belgium - world class bonbon maker.

Today we learned about tempering chocolate and were told that it has nothing to do with 'temperature'.  That was news to all of us but he uses his two thermometers, ie. his eyes, to judge the chocolate.  Since I had never taken a chocolate class, I didn't have any unlearning to do as many of the students did.

We made three ganaches - mocha, praline and ginger chocolate.  We rolled them and cut one with a 'guitar'.  The praline is hand cut with a form.

We also had a demonstration on molded chocolate.

Now, he said, we will pick up the pace tomorrow.  Oh, did I mention, our class was from 3 - 10pm with only a couple of 5 minute breaks!

Delice Mocca Ganache  adapted from a recipe by Jean-Pierre Wybauw

400 g  whipping cream
50 g glucose (corn syrup)
40 g finely ground coffee
60 g honey
1200 g milk chocolate
200 g butter

Bring cream, corn syrup, honey and coffee to the boil and add butter.  When butter has melted, cool to the same temperature as the tempered chocolate (approx room temp is ok).  You can strain if you want to remove the coffee bits.

Add tempered chocolate.  Spread the chocolate out on a parchment lined frame.

After hardening (at room temp), cover the slab with a thin layer of dark chocolate.  Let that harden at room temperature.

Unmold and cut into desired shapes.  Dip into dark chocolate.  Garnish.


  1. Can I ask where you attended this class in Orlando? Thank you!

  2. Yes, it was at the Notter School of Pastry Arts


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