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Throwback Thursday

Me and my sister Trish holding newborn sisters Glenda and Gloria.
I have been without my camera since before Christmas. This has been a very difficult time for me. I have realized that I live through the lens. Not only food but every time I see a brilliant sunrise or crisp white hoar frost.

It is a lesson in respect. I foolishly put a bottle of hair product in the basket with my camera equipment. Yes, it leaked. Looking back only serves one purpose. I won't do that again. My camera has been in for repair since.

Yesterday I finally went to pick up the body. It was okay and ready but parts have not arrived to repair my lens. After serious thinking and considering the consequences it was more prudent to buy a new lens rather than repairing the old. Same cost. More time lost. The good news is that Mr. Cheng had a fullly restored lens for $100.00 cheaper than buying new.

I will be back with more recipes soon now. For today I found these pictures that are interesting, to me anyway.

I don't ever remember my parents looking this young. I was two.

Must be Grandpa Hewitt and Grandma Hewitt with my sister Trish.

Spoiled baby me.


  1. I love looking at old pics..So lucky to have 3 sisters!!

    Happy you are getting your camera equipment back up and ready.
    I would miss mine so..
    I hear you.

  2. Lovely photos. I clearly remember you and Patricia at that age. Your glasses would be as ultra-chic now as they were then, and way more expensive. Grandma Hazel looks so young, and so she should, what with her being not quite as old then as we are now!

  3. Oh, how delightful! I found a very mixed up box of photos when my mother died, and to my sorrow, few of them include me. There are a few of people I can identify, and that's nice.

  4. I know what you mean. I'm off to Utah and just can't pack a big camera. The iPhone will have to do but I know I will feel naked without it. so glad yours is coming back to you.


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