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Sewing was My First Love

My father taught me to sew. I remember making a very trendy outfit with coordinating cape for a teen fashion show in Regina many years ago. My love of sewing led me into studying home economics at the University of Saskatchewan.

I met my BFF during the summer before college at a church camp. What luck that she was also planning to attend the same college. Together we suffered through chem labs and revelled in the fun of university life. First and second year were gruelling with an emphasis on the sciences. Real sciences like physics, agricultural microbiology, anatomy, biology, chemistry and more that have not reserved a place in my memory. Home economics is a science degree after all and we had more than one class with med students and Agros.

After completing the required courses to convocate I spent all my electives in clothing and textiles. I was always interested in health and my diet but I do not remember the day that the passion for sewing and fashion was overtaken by the obsession for food. In fact I cannot even tell you why it happened.

So fast forward to today and I find myself slipping into a few sewing projects. I have some ideas for the farmers' market that I will share at a later date. While I was in Victoria, a city with surprisingly good fabric and  notions stores, I shopped. The feel of fabrics in my hands brings back the memories of a passion I once had. It feels good. I am looking at linens.

It is almost old school to be served by men in the fabric and notions stores where I shopped. It is usually men that are tailors. These men know their stuff. I am sure it was the owner at Gala Fabrics that helped me the three times I visited. His cutting skills are amazing. He can cut a perfect straight line off the bolt as sure as if he had ripped it.

Then he recommended The Button and Needlework Boutique for the embroidery thread I needed. Again a man, probably the owner of the shop, selected the perfect product for my needs. I purchased a beautiful cotton single strand embroidery thread, almost a cord, and very strong. These types of stores used to be in every city but over time the demand has waned and they have closed. There is something about a boutique textile shop that gives a superior shopping experience as compared to the chain fabric store. First and last, the staff is knowledgeable.

Watch for more about my sewing projects this summer when the market opens.


  1. Love some of the fabrics I see there..Is your camera back?
    Hope so..Looking forward to seeing your creations!

    1. Yes, I love some more than others, too. My camera is back but I had to buy a new lens. So I am on a learning curve since I couldn't get exactly the one I lost.

  2. Those are beautiful fabrics. I bought my daughter in law a sewing machine for Christmas 2013 when she expressed an interest in sewing. Today she sells curtains, pillows, pet beds and things she makes on Etsy. Plus, they just bought their first house and she's so happy and excited about making her own curtains! It's always good to help someone develop a love of the home arts. I'm looking forward to seeing what you create with those beautiful materials.

  3. Gorgeous fabrics. Is that what you bought? As soon as you said you loved sewing, I immediately thought how that would fit into the farmer's market stand you do. I'm looking forward to seeing what you make.

    1. Yes, I bought all of these and more! All are prewashed now. About half are cut. I want to do all the cutting before I begin sewing. It should go faster that way.


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