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To Victoria and Back Again

What is your first question when you talk to someone just returning from Victoria, Canada? Really, it took you more than two seconds? It's all about the weather. While the rest of the country is in the depths of cold and snow Victoria is the only green spot in the entire country. Therefore, I thought I would share my visit through the lens of weather. This is the view from one window of the home I was housesitting. The neighbouring property is a little old house perched far back on the lot leaving a sizeable front garden. I took a liking to these two flamingo pink lawn chairs.


One day this painting arrived on one of the chairs. Was it for me? Did my neighbour witness my voyeurism? 

At first blush I would discard this photograph. But look at the sunlight it reflects.

 This shows the normal November weather.

Eek! Snow! And it stayed for two or three days. I was wearing my fur lined jacket, Uggs, fur hat and ski mitts.

Dull days.

So there you have it. November in Victoria. Really, it isn't all about the weather. Honest.


  1. It is a heavenly place, isn't it? How long are you sitting? It's still so green! We are all cold and dark these days.

    Happy Holiday, Sarah!! Enjoy the weather and those fabulous, pepto-bismol pink chairs.

    1. I am home again now. I was there for about 3 weeks or so. Pepto Bismol, I like that!


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