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Indian Summer and thinking about Tennessee

As Indian Summer has arrived the nights are chilly but the days very hot. It's the time to clean up the garden and beds and prepare for the winter ahead. I can't help but think of my time in Tennessee at this time of year especially. I miss it.

The diversity of plants in the Smoky Mountains is hardly surpassed throughout the country. Every season has a display and there is no better time to visit than autumn. As it is diverse in plant species it is diverse in elevation. I drove into the Smokies in November to witness this array of colours. The mountains are so high that at the top I was barely travelling at 15 mph. The fog was thick and the road switching higher all the time.
There are 1600 species of flowering plants alone, including 100 native trees and over 100 shrubs.  There are 450 varieties of bryophytes which are the mosses, liverworts and hornworts and 50 ferns.

I miss the Smokies and forever thankful I had the opportunity to spend a few months in the South.


  1. I'm going up to the mountains next weekend, probably too early for much color, but it just starting to feel a little cool here!

    1. No matter it will be beautiful. Wish I was there.

  2. I've only bee there once but I agree they are beautiful. I would love to see them in the fall.


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