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Early Frost and Harvesting my Herbs

 It's that time of year. The time when an early frost promises to decimate your garden. I should have harvested my herbs earlier but here I am holding out to the bitter end.

What would you do with these herbs? I have curly parsley, oregano, rosemary, sage and thyme. The parsley will make a tabouli. What else!

I think I will make a grape and rosemary focaccia. Rosemary would be great dried so if I have any left over I'll dry it.

The thyme will also be great dried. I think I'll hang it to dry and save for winter roasts.

But what about the oregano and sage? I could dry the sage but the oregano isn't that highly flavoured. I could freeze it. What could I make with my fresh oregano and sage? Ideas welcomed.
These trimmings will go into my freezer bag for making stocks.


  1. Looks like a great herb harvest! Try your oregano with baked tomatoes or a homemade pizza or calzone, maybe?

  2. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas everyone - here and on Facebook. Making some very aromatic pork meatballs right now. Will keep you posted.

  3. From my cousin "Salad of halved cherry tomatoes, ultra-fresh mozzarella, designer olive oil; designer salt, oregano. One of your own breads with delicately saged butter. Salami & olives. Honeydew melon & gorgonzola for dessert." How decadent.

  4. Joumana Accad freeze them and later use them in all your dishes. omelet with chopped parsley is a lebanese classic

  5. Ginni Kathuria-Kelley Sage makes lovely sausages - or sausage stuffing balls as we make them and use them at your Thanksgiving dinner. I can share my secret recipe if you want to make those

  6. Nadine Crispeen LeBean Ferment them.


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