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The Song That Never Ends

I have not posted in a long while. Without all the boring details, let's just say I have been sooooo  busy! Saturday was our very busy Farmers' Market and Sunday I catered a luncheon for 40 people. Parachuted into this I have had 3 young women cyclists stay over Friday and Saturday nights.  All were fun but today has been a day of never ending dishes, cleaning, sorting and planning.

I will be back with some real blogging very soon! Meanwhile enjoy The Song That Never Ends with Lamb Chops. This is a picture into my insanity!


  1. Being sooo busy is a great thing..enjoy every moment..It suits you..
    To everything..there is a season:)

  2. Life happens. We will be here when you recover from the busy days (smile).


  3. I love my blogging friends :)

  4. Life does has a way of getting in the way of blogging as they always say:D

  5. Oh my goodness Sarah! What a busy weekend for you! You must be exhausted, and your cooking must be so fabulous that you are in such high demand! Have a lovely week and get some rest! Angie xo

  6. As long as you're enjoying yourself, I'm happy for you. See you when you have a little time.

  7. And is that a new kitty in your profile picture? Does Miss Sugar have a new friend?

    1. That is a kitten from the Colony. Miss Sugar is an alpha cat and I doubt a friend would be welcomed. However, having said that, she is mellowing...finally!


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