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Teaching on a Colony in June

June and the school year is all but over. I am a substitute teacher at some of the Hutterite Colonies. Last year's barbecue was a resounding success and now I am probably branded to do it every year. The children range from Grade 2 through 9 and there are 8 in school. We make everything from scratch and spent the entire morning getting everything ready. I wish I wasn't so picky. I didn't want any sticky fingers on my good camera and as a result we have no pictures of food! Next time I am going to designate a photographer so we get pictures of the great food they make.

Mostly it is from scratch. The menu today was BBQ chicken wings that we grilled first and then tossed in some purchased sauce. It worked so much better than last year when I marinated all the wings in a sauce. They just got crusty and black. We're learning!

We made a buttermilk dressing to serve with fresh veggies. We enjoyed radishes and asparagus from their garden plus a few from the grocery store, like jicama. If I had a dollar for every time that one of them asked me the name of that vegetable I'd be rich.

Then there were hamburgers and hotdogs with the fresh made buns from their kitchen. Our side dish was coleslaw.  The meal was completed with banana boats or banana split as the kids described it, filled with milk choccolate, wrapped in foil and grilled and then with vanilla ice cream. Oh, and we made fresh lemonade.

The girls were so amazing. Without even a hint from me they carried the dishes to the sink and washed each and every plate and fork. We swept the floor. Got the camera ready. I put on my hiking boots and we went to the coulee.

These pictures are the product of putting a digital camera in the hands of a child. 306 pictures later I have selected these to share.


  1. Absolutely great photos..
    Oh them..unique

  2. Great photos your student took. Your substitute teaching at the colony gives you such an interesting experience. I always enjoy reading about it.

  3. I am so old was the child?

    1. Each child took a turn with the camera and these are just a compilation from all the pictures. So grade 2 through 8.

  4. Nice pics Sarah! You do need to put your camera in a cover or something because I'd love to see the food! Great pic of you... finding cats of course!

  5. Now that's a teaching assignment that I know that I would love. Fantastic photography and great shot of you with such a cute pussycat!

    Enjoy summer!


  6. I really enjoyed this post. The photos were really nice. I even looked up Hutterite Colony to have a better understanding.


  7. One of the great things about kids' pictures is that the things they find important are different from those which call to adults, and that makes them interesting. And at least with a digital camera, you didn't have to pay for the film and processing! I'm sure you all had a wonderful day, and I suspect that you'll be eagerly anticipating BBQ day next June!

  8. Sarah,
    By giving up control of your camera you gained insight and access to the spirit of these children. I am sure they love you but the expressions and trust they gave the photographer are pure and genuine. I love the photos you chose and the opportunity to see the world through the eye of this particular beholder. What a gift. Thanks, karen

  9. Thank you everyone for your interest. Theirs is an interesting lifestyle and I feel fortunate to get an inside glimpse.

  10. How wonderful - thanks for sharing the photos, the menu and a bit of you!! I know how protective I am of my camera too :-)

  11. Sarah, How wonderful that you got to spend this time with the Hutterites, though I have never been to a Hutterite Bruderhauf, many of the local Old Order Mennonites down here have talked about visiting one of the colonies, I believe New York may have one, or in New England and I know there are others in Canada close to the Old Order Mennonite colonies.
    I want to say your pictures are absolutely fantastic, I have been so busy down here have not been to your blog in a while and have missed so much.


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