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Huevos Rancheros

My cousin married a man from El Salvador and they always treat us to Huevos Ranchos for a special breakfast. The recipe can easily be doubled or tripled for a larger group. Huevos Rancheros was invented as a way to use up leftover tortillas and salsa and was a Mexican rancher’s breakfast. Corn tortillas are usually used but may be more difficult to find. Flour tortillas work fine and since they are larger use one for two eggs.

Cousin Lorna’s Huevos Rancheros
Serves 6 people.

4 - 5 tomatoes pureed with 1/2 cup water in blender            
6 tbsp. white onion, finely chopped                                                
6 tbsp. green pepper, finely chopped                                    
4 tbsp. cilantro                                                                        
2 tbsp. cooking oil                                                            
pinch of garlic salt
4 drops Tabasco Sauce
2 tbsp. ketchup                                                           
Pace brand or your favourite purchased mild chunky salsa
1 avocado
6 eggs
6 corn or flour tortillas

Sauté white onions, green peppers, in pot with cooking oil, then add garlic salt; cilantro. Add blended tomatoes with water; cook over medium heat for approx 12 minutes and add Tabasco sauce and ketchup for more color and flavour. Add salsa to thicken; extend recipe as needed. Fry eggs sunny side up and put on corn tortillas that have been heated either in microwave or on the grill. Use 1 egg per tortilla and ladle sauce over the egg. Garnish with cilantro leaves and avocado wedges. This can also be served with refried beans topped with grated Monterey Jack cheese.

Sorry, I don't know why the recipe didn't show when I first published this post! You must have wondered why I only published a picture!


  1. I have never had these, but I can tell that I would love them!!!

  2. It's a colorful and tasty looking breakfast! Hooray for Cousin Lorna bringing new recipes into the family!

  3. Cousin Lorna? How fitting! Love huevos rancheros, miss Mexican food!!! they look awesome!

  4. I love how this gorgeous sounding dish is to use up leftovers. Great repurposing - looks delicioso

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