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Road Trip to Find Local Food

I would love to offer as many local products at the Farmers' Market as I can.  Over a year ago I discovered the Yorkton Garlic Farm and have from the very beginning wanted to visit and meet the growers.  Finally I made this trip.

Scapes being harvested so the garlic bulb receives all the energy.
Anna and Darrel were gracious hosts while I visited them in the field.  With the heat wave, mornings are precious field times.  They were a little camera shy but I did take a few pictures.

I will be purchasing their garlic to sell at the Swift Current Farmers' Market.  I hope this works well for all of us.

Our next stop was Canora.  We found this adorable flower and gift shop.  She made such great use of farm relics and even decorated her car.

The next stop was at Chautauqua Gardens at Veregin, Sask.  Debbie was the consummate salesperson and enticed us to pick strawberries.  They were so delicious that we picked two baskets.  Thanks, Debbie.  Veregin is only 20 km east of Yorkton (watch for the sign) and a bit north.

Geese on Madge Lake, Saskatchewan
Moving cow/calf pairs.  They all decided they needed a rest in the shade of the trees on this scorching hot day.  Three cowboys and a border collie kept them in order...and waited for them to move on...patiently.
Sea gulls perching on Togo Bridge.  Togo Bridge is over the Assiniboine River and it is wide and slow.  A pelican was cruising for lunch.
Assiniboine River at Togo Bridge.
These shelters are for the leafcutter bees that pollinte the alfalfa.  Click here to find more information on the importance of this bee.  It has made Canada a prime supplier of alfalfa seed.

This little helicopter was crop dusting.  It landed atop this cube van to refill.  It flitted about like a big dragonfly.
Not sure what is growing in that purplish field.  Could it be quinoa?  Not the right colour for flax.

Beautifully cared for Ukranian Orthodox Church on the prairies.
And this lesser cared for church was almost across the road.  Each little community had their own little church


  1. Interesting post with some great photos. Our garlic this year was not good, too much rain!! Take care Diane

  2. Those churches are beautiful....loved all these shots.

  3. What a wonderful tour. Saskatchewan is beautiful!

  4. What an amazing trip you had. I think it's such a great thing to get to know the people who provide the food we eat and see what goes into it –– how much work goes into it. Makes me less likely to waste food, that's for sure!

  5. I love to explore our local areas. It is best way to spend a Sunday.

  6. It was a fun road trip...I saw parts of Saskatchewan I had never seen and I have lived here for 51 years.
    Saskatchewan is very beautiful and road trips are fun and it pays to watch for random signs along the roadside,that's
    how we found the strawberry patch!!


  7. Gorgeous pictures. And a garlic farm? How fun!

  8. I just cooked garlic scapes (bought on a local farmers market) with zucchini, in a skillet - everybody was hunting for garlic scapes sticks on a plate, they are so-o-o flavorful and wonderfully chewy!...Thanks on a field trip - it's always nice to know where your food comes from (and from whom!)

  9. Any excuse for a road trip through such beautiful country is great! I love local churches and such, don't you?

  10. Thanks for taking us along on the road trip.

  11. Thanks for the tour Sarah. Photo's are truly awesome and you made me homesick again. Ah Canada, my Canada.


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