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Pain aux Raisins

My initial goal for my food at the Farmers' Market was to make healthy food.  And although this is my primary focus and indeed noble, I really do miss some of those amazingly delicious and not necessarily healthy but not necessarily bad things I could purchase when I lived in the big city.

Pain aux raisins comes to mind immediately.  I would drive, not walk, two blocks to enjoy this for my breakfast on those days I felt that I needed a treat.  This bakery has since now closed and I have since moved to a little city in the middle of nowhere.  Pain aux raisins are not on the menu out here!

The wonderful opportunity with being a Farmers' Market vendor is that I can make a little or I can make a lot.  If I want to test drive a recipe, then I just make a little.  This recipe caught my eye.  Well, why not?  This is a Peter Reinhart recipe and it is amazing.  I had no clue what was in this delicious treat but knew it was not necessarily without its naughty little inclusions that should only be on my food plan occasionally.

You can find this recipe at Fresh Loaf.


  1. I love these. Used to buy them from the bakery when we lived in Belgium. YUM!

  2. Looks delicious and the farmers market is a nice way to test-drive recipes.

  3. Isn't it full of tons of wonderful butter? I know why they are so pricey in the stores... aside from the labor the butter is a pretty penny. I think yours are perfect. I have had a recipe for cinnamon rolls on my desk top for weeks and haven't done it yet... they are calling me, evil sirens that they are.

    PS love the new picture.

  4. wow, those look so gourmet! wonderful!

  5. Sometimes we have to make room for things we love which are not necessarily great for the waistline in our diets. This surely looks like something which would fall in that category!

  6. Pain au Raisin, Pain au Chocolat I am there!

  7. Look so delicious. Feel like grabbing one off the screen. :)


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