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Where Have I Been....

I have not posted in more than a week .... Sorry!  Somewhere along the line I have overloaded my schedule.

I retired from real estate three years ago and wanted a simpler existence, more time for me, follow my passions.  In the beginning it was fun.  I lived in Winnipeg for the summer.  Then I found a house sit opportunity in East Tennessee and lived in the country for 5 months.  It was so much fun and I met so many wonderful people and without even realizing, I had done something I always wanted to do - visit the South.  I would not trade that experience for anything.

My next move was to buy a house in a little city on the Saskatchewan prairies.  And, still I had so much time to relax.  I worked in my garden, volunteered in the arts community, and had picnics in the country.

I once said to myself, "If I could spend the rest of my life cooking, I would be happy."  Well, be careful what you ask for.  I am cooking all the time but rarely eat and I am exhausted.

At the moment I am a substitute teacher (with 12 school days in May), work half-time at a real estate office, sell my food at the Farmers' Market on Saturday and dabble in catering and cooking classes.  Phew!  I am tired just thinking about it.  Something has to give!  It will be a summer of contemplation.

Tonight I finally served myself a nice meal.  It was a very simple meal but I really enjoyed sitting down with it.

This is Tagliatelle with Smoked Steelhead Trout in a Cream Sauce .  Saute finely chopped leek and fennel.  Add the flaked smoked fish, a splash of cream and freshly ground black pepper.  Add the drained pasta and toss with the sauce.  Add some of the pasta cooking water if you need to loosen up the pasta.  Garnish and serve with grated parmesan cheese.

(I had previously written that this was whitefish. I have no idea where that idea came from!)


  1. That's what happens when you are a talented woman - everyone wants a piece of you. I can see that you will have to set limits though as life won't be fun if you are too exhausted to enjoy it.

  2. You are one busy woman Sarah! So glad that you cooked yourself nice meal for a change! It is good to be busy...but not too busy that you feel stressed! I am sure you will sort it out! Take care and get some rest! Angie xo

  3. Seems like your enjoying what you do now. Keep cooking! :)

  4. Looks delish Sarah... honestly... you need to cut the line on a few of those obligations!!!

  5. I truly admire your passion for cooking, which is really reflected on the photos of your creative recipes! Nice meal!

  6. Wow, you do have a lot on your plate!

  7. It does sound like you don't have any time for yourself these days. I feel the same since my only day off these days is Sunday. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is a trip to Italy. As for the pasta you have inspired e to create pasta for dinner.

  8. You are a busy woman, Sarah. If you feel stressed, it's a good time to sit back and rethink priorities. Difficult to do.
    Love your simple pasta dish!

  9. Sometimes you start on one thing you think will take up just a little time, and then add another, and another, and before you know it, you're feeling like a hamster in a wheel, with no way out!


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