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A Day in the Life of a Substitute Teacher

Dear Teacher,

Well, it has taken a full year to form some kind of relationship with these kids.  I would have never thought it would take so long.  We have come full circle - Josh is not only speaking to me and asking me for school help but he defends me when Thomas is rude.  Tom must have had a bad day because he was somewhat defiant and rude, not like him.  Jacob is Jacob and not much change there.  He never was a real problem.  Rebecca has more respect, still has her naughty side but that can be fun.  The twins cling to me.  John, is still not wanting to do his work but doesn't whine, much!  Joe has such a deep, pensive side and I am always thinking he is weighing each and every word I speak.  And the last, but not least, why can't I remember the name!  He is so sensitive and caring.

You have been doing some wonderful projects with them.  Those birdhouses are amazing and they are so proud.  And they showed me all the flowerpots for your wedding.  They love tending the bedding plants.  The library is 100% tidier.  I am sure you will miss them.

All the best in your new life!  I have a sister living in Yorkton.  BTW.  Such a small world.

So I guess I told you all this to soften you up for the kids' request.  They are wondering if we could go on a hike to the coulee the next time I come out.  It would be in the afternoon and be called a part of our phys ed time.  They say 2 hours, but I say it would be all afternoon.

Thanks for calling me to sub for you all year.  It was a good plan to book me for the entire year.  If not, I may have quit midstream!  They were a tough bunch for much of the time but they are so much more respectful and open with me now.  I can say what I feel without creating barriers.

So today, someone asked me if it was a good day.  I quietly said yes, and how was it for you?  Hmmm, it was good.  Melt my heart.



  1. So you were a substitute teacher for the entire year? At least you had the consistency of one class so you could get to know them. Are those children Hutterite? Were all the children Hutterite or only some? So many questions? No wonder you were tired though - teaching can do that to you.

  2. Substitute teaching is one of the hardest jobs! How nice that you were able to remain with the same class and you got to know each other. Sounds as though it turned out to be a good year...with plans for the future!

  3. Good for you... you have more patience than I could ever muster.

  4. Je suis enseignante et c'est un métier que je trouve passionnant même s'il est parfois fatigant.
    A bientôt

  5. That letter must have made your heart swell with price and joy!

  6. I would never have the patience, I would have blown it all by exploding at some point!! Diane

  7. Teaching is a noble profession my friend, good for you. Nice shot!
    Have a great weekend!


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