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These are the pictures Jessi Bruntz took for the Prairie Post.  I have never had professional pictures taken in my kitchen.  I think she has a great eye!  What fun!  But look at those hands!  These are my roasted peppers becoming something to serve on crusty bread.

She was so sweet.  " It was great meeting you, too.  I had a great time hanging out in your kitchen and breaking the rules by tasting some of your delicious treats.  Thanks."   

 Checking on my preserved lemons!  They smelled so good.
 I love the way the lights gleams from my table.  This was the 'self quiz on interesting serving pieces'.


  1. The peppers look great; what a nice thing to show other people how to do!

  2. Your flatware looks really pretty, and I like your watch. Odd things to notice in a food post, but that's how it goes. Glad you had a good Culture Days celebration!

  3. Love, love, love the pictures.

  4. Gorgeous, Sarah! One of my favorite things in Martha Stewart's old magazine was a display of a giant Tiffany set from the 19thc.. It had like 20 pieces... with many spoons, forks and knives for a zillion specific uses... who knew about an ice cream fork????

  5. I loved the photo of the serving pieces, Sarah, all labeled neatly. So pretty....

  6. I love the picture of the preserved lemon!
    Check this link for Moroccan desserts, I hope you'll find something intersting to make for November event. Take care!


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