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Plantain Chips and Winner of the Giveaway

Slowly I am back in my kitchen.  I am cleaning, cleaning windows, unpacking boxes and stocking the pantry.  I bought a plantain last week.  The amazing thing is that I could never find a ripe plantain in Calgary and the green ones would never soften.  I have always wanted to make plantain chips.  So this is my first cooking and blogging in my new kitchen.  Dusting with hot paprika is optional but I like the sweet and hot flavours.

Oh, and I almost forgot!  The winner of the CSN $50 giveaway is....Marjie at Modern Day Ozzie and Harriet.  Congratulations, Marjie!  Thank you everyone for stopping by and posting.

Plantain Chips

1 plantain
fleur de sel
hot paprika
grapeseed oil

Peal the plantain.  Slice very thinly, on the diagonal, until the entire plantain is in thin slices.  Try to keep the thickness the same on all the pieces.  Use a small, deep saucepan and fill to about 1 inch with grapeseed oil.  Heat to 375F.  In small batches deep fry the slices until browned.  Remove with a slotted spoon and drain on absorbent paper.  Sprinkle with fleur de sel and, if you wish, with hot paprika.


  1. It was just the other day that I found out what platains are. We have at least 2 types in Brazil and I love them! Just didn't know they were called plantains in English... In Brazil they are called (translated) "earth banana" and "fig banana". These are the 2 types commonly found in the markets of Rio de Janeiro, where I live. But Brazil is so big that there might be other types and names I don't know.
    I can imagine how pleasing it must be to start using your new kitchen, can't wait to see you in full action!

  2. Yeah!!!!! That's great news, sarah. It must be thrilling to be moving back in after all this time. I am so happy for you. The first time you use a new stove is a gas... all fresh and new.

    I Love plantains... they are so sweet and wonderful added to SOuth of the Border stews... I like the sweetness.

  3. Oh how awesome, I bet very delish. COngrats to the winner

  4. I'd say you were off to a magnificent start, Sarah! These chips look delish.
    Congrats to Marjie!

  5. I look forward to many more exciting recipes in your new kitchen!!!! How exciting!!

  6. I've never had a plantain! And I won? Really? I rarely win anything! Thank you!

  7. This looks like a good snack. I made fried lotus root similar to this just the other day. Congrats for being back in your kitchen! We're set to have ours demolished on March 14th if all goes well. How did you manage? I'm already sick at the thought of being kitchen-less for weeks or more.

  8. mmm. salty and slightly sweet--these little chippers have a great balance! well done, sarah. :)

  9. I forgot to ask, is there a code I should use on CSN? Or will they email me?

    Thanks again.


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